Deadline: June 1st 2012 

(Proposals are only eligible when postmarked June 1st 2012 at the latest)

Artist-run residency HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} invites artists to submit group-proposals for our 2013 residency programme.

About HMK
HMK {Hotel Mariakapel} is an artist-run residency and project space in Hoorn, a 15th century town by the IJsselmeer, just 40 km north of Amsterdam. In the old center of the town, in a medieval orphanage with a semi public inner garden and former Maria Chapel, HMK receives artist from all over the world. The programme involves artists and curators working in a wide range of media, focusing on installation and context based work, video and performance art. Projects are developed both in the surroundings of Hoorn, public space and in the exhibition space. In 2012 HMK was kindly supported by several local and national foundations.

We offer:
A free stay at our residency to complete a period of work culminating in a final exhibition in the adjacent exhibition space. Residencies vary in length and depend on the nature of the work; we feel between one and two months is a good duration. The length of the residency is agreed in advance. The resulting exhibitions which are open to the public, usually take place for 3-4 weeks.

We are looking for:
Projects that make full use of the unique opportunities offered. The long stays at HMK lead to intensive local and international collaboration while developing new individual and/or group work for an exhibition or other presentation in HMK and/or in Hoorn. We are also keen on artistic projects that do not only focus on art itself but that, in content or practice, are able to step outside the box and make connections outside an art-context. HMK focuses on collaborations and group-projects (between 3 and 6 artists); the nature of the collaboration is important to us. Preferably you work with artists or others with whom you haven't (extensively) worked with before.

Things to consider when applying:
We strongly advise you to read into the wider context of Hoorn and HMK prior to submitting a proposal. The context of HMK includes the geographical positioning; a small town setting (eg, absence of an University or a large local art scene/discourse); the combination of a locally rooted art-initiative with exhibitions of national appeal. Proposals must focus mainly on content of the work and the process of working resulting in a presentation in our chapel/exhibition space, please do not propose to exhibit pre-existing work. Projects must have a strong international component (i.e. cooperation with artists from different countries) We consider it to be an advantage when a group has one Dutch component, but this is not obligated. Do not take this too literally, feel free to propose the unexpected, and be bold!

Who may apply:
Artists, as a group. We do not consider individual proposals.