Deadline for applications: 3 February, 2012

Call for artists

International Competition for the accomplishment in sculpture of the monumental work

100 anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Albanian State:
28 November 1912 – 28 November 2012

phone: 0035542226033

1. The monumental work is deemed to be of significant dimensions. The accurate dimensions of the work shall be announced at the moment of the final designation of the square where this monument in the town of Tirana shall be placed.
2. The height, width and length of the monumental work shall depend on the model that the artist, group of artists or sculpture studio shall make available, which shall take into consideration the data of the square dimensions where the work shall be placed.
3. Following the approval of the blueprint, the accomplishment of the monumental work may be in such solid materials such as: cast in bronze or concrete, carved in wood or marble, as well as other mixed techniques. This shall depend on the idea and competing winning model of the artist, group of artist or sculpture studio.
4. Entitled to participate in this competition shall be the Albanian artists and architects, wherever they live and work, foreign artists and architects, Albanian and foreign sculpture studios.
5. The competition model (blueprints) has not been participating or exposed in any other previous activity. It shall be exclusively original and created for the first time, specifically for this competition.
6. The competition model (blueprints) shall be an artistic expression accomplished with professionalism and its image shall contain clearly the aim and destination of the perpetuation of this historic moment: thus, “Commemoration of the 100 anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Albanian State.”
7. The competition model (blueprints) shall have been accomplished at the height of up to 100 cm.
8. Every artist, group of artists and sculpture studio may participate at the competition with one or two competition models (blueprints) and not more than two such ones.
9. The basement is a visual element which is to be determined by the idea of the artist, group of artists or sculpture studio, which shall be proposed along with the competing model (blueprint) and it shall be subject to approval by the jury of this competition.
10. The competing model (blueprint) shall be worked out in gips.
11. The artist, group of artists or sculpture studio shall hand over, along with the competing model (blueprint) a photo of the competing model, a comprehensive CV and a personal photo. This documentation shall be valid for the work and discussions of the Jury, as well as for archiving this historic fact in the file of the winning artist or group of artists.
12. The National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, is the institution where the international competition as well as the work procedure for selecting the competing model (blueprint) for the accomplishment of the monumental work shall be organised.
13. The competing models shall be handed over to the National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, with the Sector of Archives and Documentation from 27 February – 2 March 2011. In the event of sending from abroad, the address: Konkursi për Monumentin 2012. Galeria Kombëtare e Arteve. Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit Nr 1. Tirana 1001. Albania, shall be used. The contact number for GKA is 0035542226033. The Contact Person for taking over the blueprints or posts shall be Ms Malva Tasho.
14. The deadline for handing over the competing models (blueprints) shall not be violated by the artists. Following this date, none shall be admitted.
15. The exposure of the competing models (blueprints) shall be done at one of the halls of GKA.
16. The declaration of the winner of the competition shall be done by the Jury of Competition on 9 March, within the premises of GKA, Tirana.
17. Within the period 15 – 25 March, all non-winning competing models (blueprints) shall be withdrawn by the participating parts from the premises of GKA. Failure to withdraw them at the right time, renders GKA Tirana non-responsible towards them.
18. Where the non-winning competing models (blueprints) shall not be withdrawn within 5 days since the deadline, GKA shall destroy them.
19. Upon the completion of the competition and following the declaration of the winning competing model (blueprint), an agreement shall be entered into between the artist, group of artists and sculpture studio and the MTCYS, with regard to the payment, conditions, time of completing the monument.
20. Where the winning competing model belongs to one artist, he shall be entitled to select a group of sculptors (2 or 3), depending on the project. This point shall be determined clearly in the contract entered into between him and GKA.
21. The premises where the monumental work shall be accomplished shall be determined by QRVA, upon the approval of the MTCYS.

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