a_dream_of_flying.jpgDear Dutch sculptors,

May I introduce myself shortly: My name is Eero Teuschl, 20 years old, male, i´m austrian/finnish. I´m visiting the Grammar School in Arts in Graz since 2006 at the department for plastic design.

During summer vacation, we have the period of practical training. It would be fine, if I could assist some dutch sculptor with work in this summer, mainly august.

Here are some school works of me as an attachement; the "a Dream of Flying" was participated in an exhibition of University of Applied Arts in, my school and the Austrian Airforce. The vice-chancellor bought my work for his sculpture garden. I am very motivated in sculptural work and would be glad to have an opportunity to learn by practical work. It is not necessery for me to have a lot of salary, i just have to overlive. Propably I could sleep in some atelier or something in that direction.

I hope you could agree my request and contact me soon. Perhaps there is some e-mail addres, I could send fotos to.

With best wiches

Eero Teuschl

Wienerstraße 221

A-8051 Graz


Mobil: +436606830851 or +436645239585

Mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Fax: +433168736980