20120502StephanieRhodeChinaStephanie Rhode's  490 witte breihuizen gaan per vliegtuig op reis! Expositie: in Beijing, China, in The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), 500 Daxing Zhuang Village, Song Zhuang Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing 10118, China. Datum expositie: Juni 2012. Curator Peng Feng (artist, curator and critic) die op de Biënnale in Venetië de curator was van het Chinese paviljoen heeft de kunstenaressen Ma Hui en ons Kringlid Stephanie Rhode uitgenodigd voor een expositie in het Museum of Contemporary Art  in Bejing.

Founded in May 2007 by internationally renowned artist Qin Feng, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing (北京当代艺术馆 Beijing MOCA) seeks to promote the appreciation of contemporary art, both Chinese and international, and to create a dialogue between the East and the West. Through exhibitions (three times a year), education programs, scholarships and scholarly initiatives, and collaborative relationships with other museums, Beijing MOCA hopes to bridge the gaps among the conceptual, the scholarly, and the artistic. Beijing MOCA is a non-profit organization. It publishes a museum journal, exhibition catalogues, and hosts a contemporary art website, providing up to date and comprehensive information about contemporary art. Beijing MOCA welcomes support from individual as well as foundational sources. 

The Beijing MOCA founder Qin Feng had in the early 1990s founded Ammonal Gallery, the first privately owned gallery in China, and the Centre for Chinese Professional Art, also the first of its kind. The two venues were unfortunately shut down after one year of their respective existence. Beijing MOCA is a continuation of the two venues in their effort to support art that is cutting edge, thought provoking, and sophisticated. Since the early 1990s, Qin Feng has devoted himself to the advancement of art and of fellow artists. Beijing MOCA is a platform through which exciting new works can be presented, important dialogues can be brought forward, and a deeper understanding of contemporary art would be made possible.